LGG is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission to build Shamwari Village for Homeless Women Veterans. Shamwari will start with 60 homes and partner with reputable nonprofits to provide mental health services, financial literacy, workforce development, parenting classes, and so much more. Our veterans will stay at Shamwari as long as they need to heal from their trauma and gain the mental, emotional, and financial stability to once again be productive members of society and shining role models for their children.

LGG2021 supports our sisters who volunteered to join the military to protect the freedoms and privileges we enjoy in this wonderful country. Hundreds of these sisters have returned from tours of duty as damaged individuals: they battle PTSD caused by the horrors they have seen in war zones abroad; many have been sexually assaulted in the workplace; and many have been ruined financially after coming home to find their partners have left. So many of veteran sisters are living on the streets, couch surfing, or finding temporary shelter in cheap motels while trying to deal with the nightmares that haunt them. We, as a supportive organization of caring wind sisters, are going to bring our military veteran sisters and their children home… literally.

LGG2021 will benefit Shamwari by building the first house in the village. We will build and furnish a two-bedroom house that will become a treasured address for a veteran and her children.

Interested in finding out more about Shamwari? Contact Lace, Grace and Gears for information.