The success of the Lace, Grace and Gears® rally largely rests on the shoulders of a small, dedicated, and passionate committee. These ladies give hours of their time and provide unique skill sets to ensure that the event is one that will be remembered and treasured for many years.





My passion for riding started in my native South Africa when I was a teenager. My good friend, Sheryl, and I would ride dirt bikes all over the coal mine where we lived. No safety gear. No helmets. Lots of falls and many exhaust burns. Loved every minute on those 250cc bikes!

Fast forward many years and I am living in Houston, TX. My husband gets a bee in his bonnet and before we know it, we've done our safety classes, bought two motorcycles, and we're on our way to Milwaukee for Harley's 110th birthday celebration! Since then, we've done numerous two week rides across the country and we're planning to ride in Cuba and in Chile. 

I started Sisterhood of the Asphalt Ribbon (SOAR) and Lace, Grace and Gears® in 2016 for women. The growth of both organizations has been endearing. I am excited and honored to be partnering with Pig Trail Harley Davidson for a second year to organize our FIFTH LGG Rally. It is always a humbling experience to work with such immense talent and to meet women from all over the US and internationally who share a love of the asphalt ribbon on two or three wheels.


See you in Arkansas in June!



My journey in the open wind began in summer of 2011.  I had been the typical “soccer mom” raising 2 super cool kids and giving them my all. I never thought that a few weeks working at the Bikes, Blues, & BBQ Rally would ignite such a fire in me to do something as wild and crazy as learning to ride a motorcycle.  

My first bike was a Sportster 1200XL.  She was all tricked out and in less than two years, she had 15,000 miles under her belt. I adored that bike and she was the catalyst to my life on the asphalt ribbon!  

As my time with the Sporty was nearing the end, I always knew that my dream bike would someday call my name.  My name was shouted out when a sexy Softail Deluxe captured my heart!  Words cannot express how empowered, confident, and just plain happy I am every time I fire her up and head out to parts unknown!

Freedom to ride!
Freedom to live!
Freedom to empower!

THIS is the life I was destined to live!



I’ve loved riding motorcycles most of my life starting with a minibike as a child. There are gaps in time when I haven’t owned a bike but fortunately, I’ve had the opportunity to ride anyway. I have worked at several Harley-Davidson dealerships and this has always kept me close to the sport and the lifestyle.


My wish is that all women could experience the freedom and confidence that the sport of riding provides.