It goes without saying that beer is the perfect accompaniment to nearly any salty and rich food, from pizza to burgers to smoked BBQ. Because of the growing popularity of craft beer, there are now more styles of beer than ever for people to choose from, opening up a whole new world of flavors with which to pair. Consider these strange bedfellows: donuts and beer; cheese and beer; pickles and beer; and even ice cream and beer. 


Skittles and wine? Potato chips and champagne? Hamburgers with Shiraz? Sushi with Rosé. REALLY? We can’t say there are no rules to wine pairing because there are. Bitter goes with sweet, fat goes with acid, and whatever else. Aren't food rules made to be broken, or at the very least bent?


The usual message is white wine and chicken or fish, red wine with beef. Not at this tasting! Our Ladies in Lace and Brothers in Black evening promises to be a beer and wine tasting second to none with samplings of the best of what Texas has to offer from the Lone Star State's vineyards or breweries. There is a fun and whimsical side to pairing that we look forward to exploring it with you Texas style!